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On Wednesday the 23rd of August I moved the motion 'Fifa Women's World Cup viewership' and it was passed by the house. 

This motion included a commitment by the NSW government for equal prize money, equal pay and equal conditions for women in any programs or events that receive their support.

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I moved: 

(1) That this House notes that:

(a) the FIFA Women's World Cup semi-final between the Matildas and England drew a television audience of 7.13 million, the highest ever recorded since the current ratings agency was launched in 2001, and was the most streamed event ever in Australia, with 957,000 viewers on 7plus,

b) Communities across New South Wales came together to watch the Women's World Cup semi-final at over 44 live sites

(c) The event has been compared to previously highest rated sporting events in Australian history such as Cathy Freeman's iconic Olympic 400-metre final and Ash Barty's Australian Open win,

d) The Matildas have a combined social media following of double the Socceroos,

(e) Nike has confirmed the Matildas sold more official jerseys by 19 July 2023 than the Socceroos sold before, during and since the 2022 Men's World Cup in Qatar, and

(f) In the England vs Nigeria match at the FIFA Women's World Cup, Chloe Kelly kicked a penalty at 110.79 km/h, more powerful than the Premier League's hardest-hit goal last season.


(2) That this House further notes that on the eve of the World Cup, 23 Matildas players spoke in a video from Professional Footballers Australia in which they:

(a) reflected on the rights for which past and present Matildas have fought through collective bargaining, including to play on natural turf,

(b) highlighted the inequity in prize money offered by FIFA, with an overall prize pool for women worth one quarter of the men's pool, and

(c) explicitly called on all those in positions of power across football, business and politics to work to provide opportunities for girls and women in football, for A-League women not to have to work part-time jobs, and for fans to continue their support by getting out to an ALeague women's game to lift up the next generation of Matildas.


(3) That this House: 

(a) congratulates and thanks the Matildas for their extraordinary success and leadership. 110 Legislative Council Notice Paper No. 19—Wednesday 23 August 2023

(b) That this House acknowledges the tremendous interest in women's sport, and particularly women's football, that communities across New South Wales have demonstrated.

(c) That this House calls on the Government to commit to initiatives to improve access and remove barriers to participation in sport, including equal prize money, equal pay and equal conditions for women in any programs or events that receive New South Wales government support.




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