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Planning for a sustainable future for the communities of the Upper Hunter

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Amanda Cohn
NSW Greens MP
22 February 2023

Dr Amanda Cohn GP, former Deputy Mayor of Albury and Greens, MLC candidate spoke to the Singleton Argus about the disproportionate impact of air pollution from coal-powered fire stations on regional communities like the Upper Hunter.  

GREENS candidates visited Singleton on Wednesday to discuss 'priority issues' with Singleton Council ahead of the NSW election next month.

Singleton Mayor Sue Moore is contacting all candidates before the March 25 election and providing them with her Council's wish list of issues they want addressed through either a funding and or legislative commitment.

Greens Dr Amanda Cohn GP, Upper House (MLC) candidate, Tony Lonergan, candidate for Upper Hunter and retired Singleton GP Barry Thomas met with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor Tony Jarrett and CEO Jason Linnane.

Among the issues discussed was Council's call for a properly funded statutory body to coordinate the evolution of the region as a whole from a predominately extractive/mining economy to a more diverse one.

There was a broad recognition that the Upper Hunter has a number of key assets, including abundant land, excellent transport infrastructure, proximity to the grid and a skilled workforce. What was lacking was real government support and planning proportional to the task.

Mr Lonergan said "The Greens stand by their policy of a jobs guarantee for workers as they leave the coal industry, supported by a wage subsidy to incentivise new industries to set up in the area."

"The Greens are also calling for a super profits tax on coal companies, which would allow the people of NSW to benefit from the current very high prices."

Dr Cohn, with her experience as a rural doctor, outlined some areas where she saw improved health care outcomes could be achieved.

In addition to her work as a GP, Dr Cohn is also a front-line emergency services volunteer. She served as deputy mayor of Albury City Council 2016-2021. Her many qualifications include Masters' Degrees in Epidemiology and Public Health. She is the number two candidate on the Greens Upper House ticket.

"I've seen first-hand the dire state of our public health system working in rural and regional general practice and emergency departments across NSW. Our frontline health workers are burning out because of unsafe working conditions, and patients aren't getting the care that they deserve." said Dr Cohn.

"I'm proud to be standing with the Greens who are proposing serious reform in response to our health care crisis, not just piecemeal band-aid solutions."

Other topics covered during the meeting included maintaining current rail services and improving them over time, the need for an appropriate and effective government policy on waste recycling, and addressing cost shifting onto local government by the State.

profile image
Amanda Cohn
NSW Greens MP
22 February 2023


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