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Activists disrupt gender-critical conference inside Parliament

On Thursday, trans rights activists interrupted a controversial gender-critical conference, hosted in Parliament House and supported by two members of NSW Parliament, as dozens more protested outside the building.

Breaking News: Trans and gender-diverse Queenslanders can now change birth certificate without sexual reassignment surgery

In a historic win, QLD passed laws yesterday that will allow trans and gender-diverse Queenslanders to change the gender on their birth certificates without having to undergo surgery. This is a life-changing development that will modernise birth certificates in QLD. Now, it's time for NSW to be next. 

ACT passes Australian-first laws to protect intersex people from unneccessary surgeries without their consent

A ground-breaking law has just passed in the ACT that will create waves of change in the lives of intersex people - making the ACT the first territory or state in Australia to legally protect intersex people from being forced to undergo unnecessary surgeries without their consent.