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No more tinkering around the edges: Fix Mental Health Care NOW

    No more tinkering around the edges: Fix Mental Health Care NOW

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    The NSW mental health inquiry has just handed down its report, making a heap of recommendations to address issues like dire funding shortages across the mental health system and poor emergency response models for mental health incidents. That’s why we need you, to write to the Minister for Mental Health and demand the NSW government implements the recommendations of this report.

    In my work as a GP, it became crystal clear to me that the mental health system is failing. People who need help do not know where or have nowhere to go, overworked carers and workers are burning out, first responders and emergency departments are being used as a last resort. The system is chronically underfunded and on the brink of collapse.

    That’s why I initiated and led the NSW inquiry into community and outpatient mental health as chair to unpick the system-wide malfunction that’s occurring and come up with solutions to get it back on track.

    The committee made 39 recommendations in its final report (read the final report here). They relate to better funding and resourcing mental health services, reforming police-led emergency response to mental health crises, and delivering mental health services that are led by and based in communities all over NSW. The NSW Government now has three months to respond to those recommendations.

    If you had told me twelve months ago that we’d have a formal recommendation for the NSW government to move from a police-led to a health-led response to mental health crises, I would’ve been over the moon! This is a massive step in the right direction that the Greens have and will continue to fight tirelessly for. 

    Unfortunately, The NSW Labor Government made several amendments to the draft report by voting with the coalition opposition resulting in several recommendations being weakened. On many occasions, they’ve chosen to simply “explore” making changes, rather than just implementing what has been recommended based on eleven months of extensive consultation. I am deeply concerned that we will simply return to the status quo after this Dora-The-Explorer government finishes with its explorations.

    This is not the time for further investigation, exploration, or consideration. The time for this reform is now.

    That's why we need your help!



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    Add your support by writing to the Minister for Mental Health to implement all of the report's recommendations!

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