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Thank you for calling on the NSW government to make a pay offer that actually reflects the incredible skills and dedication of nurses and midwives all over NSW.

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Dr Amanda Cohn

Greens NSW spokesperson for Health



SPEECH: Infection control is not rocket science

“The Robodebt of medicine” is what Perth-based anaesthetist Dr Andrew Miller and chair of OzSAGE has called our current approach to transmission of airborne infections including COVID.

Greens secure crucial amends to federal vaping reform legislation

The federal government’s vaping reform legislation will pass the Senate after the Greens secured crucial amendments to reduce the harms of vaping through sensible regulation.

PARLIAMENT: World Blood Donor Day

My motion about the importance of blood donations following World Blood Donor Day has just passed the NSW Parliament! Read the text of that motion below.  

2024 NSW State Budget barely a start to addressing healthcare crisis

The NSW government in handing down its budget today has acknowledged the scale of the work to be done to rebuild our public healthcare system. The Budget includes a number of measures that are a step in the right direction, but not with the scale or urgency that is needed...